Notice to Members

Date: 4 April 2018
Subject: President of MNBA
To: All Members of MNBA
From: MNBA Executive Board

Dear Members,

We are reaching out to you today to advise that our President, Pamela Johnstone, has recently resigned from the MNBA board for personal reasons.

We want to thank Pam for her many years of service to MNBA, in various roles, including as President, Secretary, Convenor and stalwart volunteer. Pam will remain a part of the MNBA family in a volunteer capacity and we wish her the best of luck in all her future endeavours.

For the time being, the Executive Board would like to advise all our members, that we will be continuing operations and all activities without interruption. The Executive Board will be operating on a consensus basis and remain in constant communication with each board member for the remainder of the season. Regular board meetings will continue and the business of the association will move on as expected. As the baseball/softball season is fast approaching this will ensure continuity and maintain the service the members of MNBA have come to expect. This will also allow us as a board to support any needs that may arise together.

We will operate on this basis until the 2018 Annual General Meeting, at which time, a new President will be nominated.

We want to thank the MNBA family for your continued support and we wish everyone an enjoyable and active 2018 season.


Your Executive Board
John Crawford - SB Rep Director
Dwain Ervin - BB Rep Director
Mark Schilling - BB HL Director
Liz Dinelle - SB HL Director
Adam Bakos - UIC/Umpire Director
Domenic Giorgio - Director of Coach and Player Development

Executive Board

Mark SchillingDirector of Baseball House
905-819-7622 ext 2
Adam BakosDirector of
905-819-7622 ext 6
Dwain ErvinDirector of Baseball
905-819-7622 ext 4
Domenic GiorgioDirector of Coach and Player
905-819-7622 ext 7
Liz DinelleDirector of Softball House
905-819-7622 ext 3
John CrawfordDirector of Softball
905-819-7622 ext 5
905-819-7622 ext 1